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Sara + Erik

Sara and Erik are from up north, I believe the Wisconsin area, and decided to make a mini trip by coming down to Nashville at the end of April to get hitched! It still baffles me that people from out of state want to get married here, but it's a great city, so why not?! They booked the wedding at Butterfly Hollow Bed & Breakfast in Brush Creek, which is about an hour from Nashville, and it's the coziest place. You can obviously book a room there without getting married, but these special events do take place there as well.

She decided to get ready at their hotel near Opryland and I very much appreciated it because it was only 15 minutes away. Yay, me! But I'm a silly person and completely forgot to take any pictures of Sara or her adorable daughter while we were getting ready. I feel confident in my brain remembering most days, but this wedding was not one of those days. I hope you guys can forgive me. Lol.

I emailed Sara recently about getting a few pictures from the wedding and she sent some today! Her sister is a photographer and snapped the photos that day.

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