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Ruby + Stephen

I met Jessica, aka Ruby, back at the end of September for her hair trial run. She found my company on Wedding Wire and liked what she saw and booked me for her end of November wedding. I do try and list out as many details when talking with a potential client. But it's also really nice when it's an easy thing and they trust what I do and don't have any regrets with booking (almost) immediately.

Here are the hair pics from our trial run. Ruby wanted a low bun with some curly pieces hanging out to keep the look soft. She also wanted to incorporate a braid, which I love and am always on board with for a hairstyle.

On the actual wedding day, I did hair for Ruby as well as one of her besties. Although, I'm always horrible at taking hair pictures so that I can post it on social media. So I don't have any other photos to post. But that's alright because I'm still IN LOVE with this low bun hairstyle that we did for Ruby.

Here are a few wedding day photos that show off her hair in all her bridal glory!

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