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Melanie + Chris

Melanie and Chris had a beautiful wedding elopement ceremony at Drakewood Farm back in April and I was lucky enough to be hired as her hair and makeup team. I absolutely ADORE Drakewood and if I had the chance for another wedding myself, I would definitely get married there. It's just so dreamy!

The ladies got ready at a nearby hotel and I brought along an artist friend of mine, Erika, and she helped with most of the makeup applications. The schedule I put together was not looked over very carefully by the bride, so we ended up adding on services, and it was a little hectic getting everyone out the door in time. I know Erika was a smart cookie and took some before and after photos of her makeup skills, but since I had majority of hair, it didn't cross my brain. But hey, it happens.

Here are the main vendor links if you wanted to look them up and I can't wait to get some pictures back! And many congrats to this new couple!!

Venue: Drakewood Farm

Photographer: Ace Photography

Hair and Makeup: Declan and Mae

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