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Mae + Josh

**DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through an artist friend, Southern Luxe Beauty, not through my company, Declan and Mae. The owner, Kristina, reached out to me to see if I could help out with a couple of makeups for this early morning wedding back in November. And I was available, so I loved helping out another boss babe. She was cool with me posting about this as long as I credited her as the lead and booking artist.**

This early November wedding was in Nashville and we got ready suuuuper early at one of the downtown hotels. I believe the venue was at The Bridge Building beside Nissan Stadium. There are TONS of photo ops in that area, so I know Mae will have so many memories to look back on once she gets her wedding photos back from the photographer.

I did makeup on Mae's sister as well as one of her besties. I always love seeing a good before-and-after image that showcases the makeup and I hope you do too!

Kristina emailed me a few wedding photos recently and we're still trying to hunt down who the photographer and the hairstylist was so we can tag them as well. But in the meantime, here are some pro images for you to enjoy. I know I will!

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