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  • Meghan Lee

Lynn + George

I met Lynn through a mutual friend (at least that's what I remember, lol) when I serviced their beauty needs at their wedding previous to hers. That's how she got my name. At times, I get an awesome referral from the venues, but I hadn't even heard of her venue, so it's cool she booked with me. I love seeing these new venues, but love even more meeting new people. Lynn knew ahead of time that she wanted her ladies to all have a half-up style with babies breath flowers incorporated. I didn't snag any photos of those, so I'm hoping the photographer got some. They were a chill group on the wedding day and it was an easy, breezy kind of day.

And I'm sorry about the images you're about to see of the hair shots because for some reason they uploaded sideways. I'm sure it won't matter much once we see the pro images from the photographer. So hold tight!

And I finally heard back from the photographer with the magical wedding photos and I got permission to post them. Remember I only did hair for the bride, her MIL, and ladies in the wedding party, but I'm still hella proud of how it all turned out. Alllllsssso, this was my first time working at this venue in Dickson outside Nashville and it's one of the most beautiful venues complete with what should be fairies flying around the ceremony site. I know Dickson can be a bit of a drive, but it's totally worth it.

Wedding date: 6.21.19

Venue: Firefly Lane Events

Photographer: Vivid Photography and Design

Hair: Declan and Mae

Here we go!

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