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Lauren + Drew

Lauren wanted to set up a trial run before the wedding with herself, her sister, and her mom. Lauren is the bride so she obviously wants to see what her hair and makeup will look like. Her sister is a typical 17 year old and makeup is sacred at that age, so she doesn't trust a soul. Haha. And their mom is a retired hairdresser so she's got her own standards to live up to. I couldn't do all three ladies at once, so I had one of my favorite artists, Katie, help me out that night. Katie also worked the wedding day with me along with 3 other artists. So there were 5 of us in total. Lauren had lots of ladies loving on her on her wedding day.

I followed up with Lauren recently and I was SO excited that she told me she had some wedding images to share with me. I'm still trying to figure out who her photographer was, but will update this once I know.

Photographer: TBD

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (that's me!)

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