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Kristen Fonville has a boudie-tude

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I know there's really no point in starting my post with my usual phrasing like about how I know the client becaaaauuuuse Kristen is a fantabulous boudoir photographer based in Ashland City, TN and I work with her and her clients quite often. But she's always behind the camera. She reached out to me a couple of weeks ago asking if I could put down a date to work with her as the client and we did that last week. She was rebranding her company and needed some updated pictures of herself.

She's had purple hair for about 2 years now and after the long grow-out time, she got a new 'do, sort of a back-to-basics style, and it's bomb af on her! And it's always fun curling that hair because there's a TON of it, no matter how long it currently is.

I've been able to snag a couple of the finished pictures that her hubby took (also a previous pro photographer!) and post about it. I reallllllyy wanted to put her face on my website in the portfolio section and she was cool with it. Done and done!

And while I've got you, since Kristen is a boudoir photographer, you DEFINITELY need to reach out to her and ask about more info or even book and photo shoot with her. It's seriously a phenomenal experience that you have to do at least once in your life. TRUST ME. She never disappoints.

Here is the link info.

And while we're at it, her hubby took some photos of my at work. I always LOVE seeing the action shots!

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