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Kelsey + Luke

**DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through One10 Beauty, not through Declan and Mae, so I cannot claim this as my own. I was just booked on to help as an independent artist like the rest of the ladies working that day. I did get permission to post once photos are ready as long as I credit the lead artists and other vendors.**

Kelsey hired One10 Beauty as her hair and makeup team for her destination wedding in early May. I was one of the team that day and it was a blast getting to know her ladies. They're from out of state but kind of all over. Some are from Kentucky, some from Indiana, some from Arkansas. So they took this opportunity in the wedding to plan a central point and make a mini trip out of it for the rest of the guests and have it in Nashville. It's crazy to think that more and more people choose this city to have their weddings. It's definitely a beautiful city to have your nuptials take place, but I guess since I live here, it's odd to think of it that way. The ladies got ready at one of the boutique hotels downtown in their fancy penthouse and then traveled to Arrington Vineyards for the ceremony. It was a little drizzly that morning but it was expected to be clearing up and sunny by "go time". I can't wait to get some pictures back from the photographer! In the meantime, here are some "before and after" pics I took on my phone of four of the girls' makeups I did that morning.

I usually don't post makeup details when it's multiple makeups like this -- plus, that's hard to remember everything! -- but if you're ever curious about a certain product, I'm sure I can pull it out of my brain storage.

Venue: Arrington Vineyards

Photographer: Lindsay Campbell Photography

Hair and Makeup: One10 Beauty

I emailed Lindsay about some photos today and she was gracious enough to send over the gallery so I could pick some to post. I wasn't expecting her to have them done, but they are, so YAY!

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