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Heather + Keith

Heather and I know each other through a mutual vendor friend. I did her hair and makeup once before and I love that she loved it so much because she asked me to be her hair and makeup artist for her wedding October last year. I was available, so of course I said yes! The wedding was in Winchester, so it was little bit of a drive, but the resort was freaking stunnnnning and on the water and the weather was perfect and all the magic aligned that day.

And I'm still so mad that I didn't take an "after" picture of the bride. I have her before picture, but my brain forgot the other. Haha, oopsie. But I know not all will be lost because she'll be in plenty of the professional photos once I get them back from the photographer.

Here are a few pics of the hair and makeup I DID do on the wedding day.

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (with assistance by Nicole)

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