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Cami gets married

One thing I love about being a freelance beauty artist in the Nashville area is that we all know each other. Don't get me wrong, there are TONS of aspiring beauty artists, but it's like Nashville is a big-small city. We most likely know who you're talking about in a conversation because there's still a lot of people who were born and raised here. Jessica Bane is one of those artists that I've known through another artist for a while now, but we have never worked together on the same wedding. She reached out to me needing assistance on a wedding the first weekend in October. I was available so I was thrilled to be open to do that for her.

I didn't remember to take notes of what makeup products I used that day, but I did remember to take before-and-after photos, so there's that at least. I helped Jessica with five makeups as well as 3 of the flower girls.

I can't find any info whether there are photos ready from the photographer, but I'll come back and post some once I know they're available.

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