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Ashley + Zack

** DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through One10 Beauty, not through Declan and Mae, so I cannot claim this wedding as my own. I did get permission from One10 to write about this and post pictures once the photographer has them ready, but just as long as I tagged credit to all the lead vendors. Obvs! **

I love working weddings, whether it's booked through my business or otherwise, and One10 is a great beauty team so I was excited to work a wedding with them at the end of April. And I was also excited because my brain remembered something. Here are some before-and-after pics I actually remembered to take of all the ladies I did makeup on that day. And let's all just take a moment because this wedding fell on the Saturday of the NFL draft weekend in Nashville. Talk about a crowded day!

And good news! I finally heard from the photographer that the photos are ready so I'm excited to share some with you guys!

Venue: The Bridge Building

Hair and Makeup: One10 Beauty

Photographer: Nick Brier

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