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Alie + Byron

**DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through La Belle Glam, not through Declan and Mae, so I cannot claim this wedding as my own. The owner of La Belle Glam, Kristina, asked me to assist her with this wedding in Knoxville and it was tons of fun! I did get permission to post about this wedding as long as I tagged her as the lead and any other major vendors.**

Kristina is a new-ish makeup artist in the Nashville area and we met over coffee last year to introduce ourselves and how we fit in the beauty community. It's always great meeting other artists because you can learn things from each other, refer clients to each other, collab together, and become friends too! Kristina is like that and I love that we met. She asked me to assist her with makeup at a wedding in Knoxville this summer. She's a listed vendor on The Knot's website but somehow she's been requested and hired for brides that live in East Tennessee. I was available to help out, so why not, right?

We got ready at a downtown Knoxville air bnb and I was just there to do what Kristina needed me to do. Haha. I also do hair, so if she needed me to whip out hairstyle real quick, I would've said yes.

Venue: The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm, Knoxville, TN

Photographer: Brittany Conner

Hair and Makeup: La Belle Glam

Below are some "before and after" photos I took of the ladies' makeups I did on the wedding day. And the pro images are at the bottom!

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