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Abbie + Hunter

** DISCLAIMER // This wedding was booked through Kati Edge Hair and Makeup, not through Declan and Mae, so I cannot claim this as my own. I assisted Kati doing some of the hairstyles on the wedding party. I got permission to post about these wedding photos as long as I credited the lead artists. **

Kati Edge is another fabulous local Nashville hair and makeup artist and while I don't work with her all that often, I jump at the chance when I'm available. She asked me about assisting her on 6.1.19 for 5 hairs at Reba's old house in Lebanon. If you don't know anything about this house, it's truly a fairytale of a house and it was definitely the right move to turn it into an event venue space after she moved out. We got ready on the top floor of the house and it had spectacular views of the lake. The whole group of ladies was such fun to hang out with while we were doing hair and makeup! It makes the mornings go by pretty swell and keeps the stress levels at bay.

Once I have the photographer's info, I'll post that below with some wedding photos.

Venue: The Estate at Cherokee Dock (Reba's old house!!)

Photographer: Cannon Wedding Photography

Hair and Makeup: Kati Edge

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