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Miss S

I worked with the fabulous team of The Adore Girls back in April this year and they've always got such fun clients! Miss S was super easy to talk with when we were in the hair and makeup chair. Looking back at this post I started, I didn't leave any notes, so I'm going to have to keep it short and sweet. I also didn't make note of what makeup products I used. Where was my brain that day? I do know what lip product used based on the photo below. It's one of my favorite reds by the brand Real Her called Lady Love. It's like just a tad darker than your "classic" red and still goes well with every skin tone.

Miss S originally did not want to sign a model release, but decided that she wanted to share after she saw her images. I'm IN LOVE with this angle and pose and it shows off her makeup so well. I love my job!!

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