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Monica + Marc

There is a boudoir photographer that I work with a lot on the weekdays based in Ashland City and I met Monica through her. I don't actually believe Monica has set up a session yet (if she's going to at all) but she's in the closed facebook group and that's how we connected. At first, Monica and Marc were going to get married in Atlanta so I was all set up to travel down there for hair and makeup services. But then they decided on a venue called Springer House in Centerville, TN for April this year. I had never heard of it, but now that I've seen it in person, it's a gorgeous little old house that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Springer family and they eventually decided to turn it into an event space. Genius, right?

Venue: Springer House in Centerville, TN

Photographer: Unknown at this time

Hair and makeup: Declan and Mae

I'm still trying to determine who the photographer was that day, but I've got a few "sneak peek" photos that Monica posted on her facebook that she gave permission to steal so that I could post in here. As soon as I have that info, I'll come back in an edit it so you'll know.

In the meantime, I did remember to take makeup pictures of the bridesmaids, so we've got that to enjoy too! They all wanted somewhat of a similar look but I had to change it a smidge based on if they were blonde or brunette. Someone with darker hair can pull off a darker look (not DARK, but dark in comparison to someone who is blonde) and it still look natural-ish. Whereas if I applied the same look on a blondie to a brunette, it might look washed out. Does that make sense at all? Haha.

I didn't get the time to snap a picture of the bride's makeup, BUT she took a selfie before starting with the posed professional pictures, so I'll have that one below.

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