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Google's Most Popular Beauty Searches 2018 - Part 1

As 2018 has come to an end, it's time to reflect on the year and things we might have accomplished, negativity we might have removed, or goals for the coming year. The Almighty Google also puts together a "year-end review" with several video clips of things that make you feel like a good person. I love them.

Something new I don't remember seeing in years past is Top 10 Trending searches on Google per categories. Here are the Most Popular Beauty Searches for 2018.

1. How to apply magnetic lashes

2. What is a lash lift

3. How to remove individual eyelashes

4. What hair color looks best on me

5. How to do a cat eye

6. How to take off makeup without makeup wipes

7. How to apply aloe vera

8. How to glue down eyebrows

9. How to fix cakey makeup

10. What concealer to use

Before you give me all the eye-rolling emojis, we have to keep in mind that there are new girls coming into the beauty world everyday and exploring their creativity. So while I feel like I stress some of these things all the time, there's always a new face eager to learn. And I'd rather be that person teaching them the right way than for them to learn the wrong way from an idiot on YouTube. Pluuuuus, I'd also rather teach them to carve their own paths with makeup than to just be another drone with the same makeup colors, the same lips, the same makeup techniques, you know? So let's break this down.

1. How to apply magnetic lashes

I'm going to start real easy on this one and tell you to not buy them. Easy, right?! There are many ways that magnetic lashes could go wrong and if the force is strong enough, magnets can be pulled apart. I've tried these and the magnets don't seem strong enough, so I don't trust them around my own lashes. I'd rather stick with lash glue.

But this Google search isn't about whether they should buy them or the comparison between the two, but HOW to apply them. Here is a video from someone I trust on YouTube on how to apply them. And keep in mind that nothing is perfect the first time, so practice.

2. What is a lash lift

To put this plainly, a lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. The same way that perm solution will curl the hair on your head, this lash-specific solution will lift your lashes with a curl and will skip the need of getting lash extensions glued in. The good news is that this lasts about eight weeks, which is longer than the extensions, but the bad news is that it's just as pricey.

The lift solution usually consists of a perm lotion, a setting lotion, and a nourishing lotion. From Private Label Extensions's website: "The popular Keratin lash lift uses a solution made of the natural ingredients: water, keratin, collagen extract, elastin, silk protein, amino acid, raw vitamin B, liquid biotin, coconut oil, Vitamin B6, zinc, and folic acid." It sounds safe enough for application.

Allure ran an article HERE if you want to read their review.

3. How to remove individual eyelashes

There's no way for me to start this without sounding like you're an idiot. Why on earth would you want to remove your individual eyelashes?!? By God, surely this search was talking about false eyelashes. It's got to be, right?

That's what we're going with...

Most false lashes, whether they be individuals or strips, are going to be longer because you're wanting the look of longer and fuller lashes. DOI. And most lash glue isn't a super strong bond, so pulling off your falsies at the end of the day is as simple is pulling them off with your fingers. I often describe it as taking your bra off at the end of the day. It's heavenly. If, however, it feels tight or that your own eyelashes are pulling with it and makes you hesitate, get a cotton round/ball with makeup remover, place it over your lash line for a few seconds -- enough for it to saturate your lashes -- and it will loosen the glue enough for you to slide them right off.

I don't really have a video or link to send you for this one. So if you still have questions, please reach out to me.

4. What hair color looks best on me

I'm not going to give you any set of rules on this one because you're your own free bird and could even shave your head bald if you really wanted to. BUT, if you really want advice on what looks best on you, I'd consider your skin's undertone. It's similar to makeup and choosing eye shadow/blush/lipstick colors. You can always throw on a random color, but 100% of the times where your features are just popping is because you used colors complimentary to your undertone.

5. How to do a cat eye

I know everyone can apply a cat eye differently, but from a makeup artist's perspective, I have a trick for this. You can draw your liner on normally along the upper lash line, but when you get time to extend the cat eye, you're going to draw the wing separately. It's easiest to "map" it out starting at the lower lash liner outer corner and drawing up in an angle that continues the curve of your lower lash line. Does that make sense? Then once you make your desired wing length, then you'll connect it with the other line you made along the upper lash line.

Here's a video to help point you in the right direction.

Here's another video that shows you how to get this winged liner but with a different eye shape.

I hope this helps!

Part 2 To Be Continued...

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