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Miss K

Miss K came into The Adore Girls Nashville studio in late November for her first boudoir photo shoot. She got married last winter in the snow. Yes, you heard me right. She showed me a couple of wedding photos while we were getting ready and talk about a dream wedding!?!

Anywho, she's a fellow makeup enthusiast and dabbles a little in the makeup profession so we had lots to talk about. I don't normally go ham with my smoky eyes -- because let's be honest, that dark of eye makeup scares a lot of ladies -- so I started out lighter with Miss K. Once she saw it, she wanted to go darker. I added some darker shades, showed her, and she wanted more. GIRL, LET'S DO IT!! I still wanted to have some differences in the colors I chose, so I did a dark grey on her lids, a neutral brown color in the crease, and as dark a black as I could find for the outer corners. And duh, we needed a winged liner too. You know what absolutely tied everything together? The darker red shade we chose for her lips. YASSSSS. It all looked like it was meant to be with her Ariel red hair. Like, duh, I woke up like dis.

I was a little sad that I didn't take any before and after pictures of makeup, but I'm okay now knowing that she signed a model release. Below is the list of makeup products I used on Miss K.

Products used:

Tarte Shape Tape foundations in Light Sand (hydra) and Light Medium Sand (matte) mixed, Nars radiant creamy concealer in Custard, RCMA no color powder to set, Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer palette, Mac Melba blush, Becca Champagne Pop highlight, ColourPop brow boss pencil in Dark Brown, Pretty Vulgar Nightingale palette on the eyes, Inglot #77 black gel liner with a wing, mascara, Kiss Flirty lashes, and Real Her liquid lipstick in Lady Love.

And this last one was a screenshot I took of The Adore Girls Instagram page. They mentioned they were having trouble picking their favorite, and I totally feel it!

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