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Laura + Nate

You know when you meet certain people that you just click right away? Well, that's how it was with Laura and I because it was just easy conversation. It all felt so natural like we've been friends for life.

I met Laura for lunch prior to the wedding at Frothy Monkey in the Nations area of town. She decided on not scheduling a trial-run with hair and makeup -- and if you're new to my services, I don't require that to book with me -- so we could discuss her perfect vision. She wanted a simple low bun and a natural makeup look. I definitely knew I could provide that for her. So we got everything set up including the beauty schedule and all we had to do was wait for December to get here. At the time it seemed so far away, but it def snuck up on us.

On the wedding day I brought in an assistant, Nichole, and she took care of everyone's hair except for Laura's (since I did hers) and we flew through the morning! I like to schedule both hair and makeup at 40 minutes each when in reality it doesn't take that long at all. But because of that, we got done super early. And as long as I've been working weddings, I'd much prefer to be early than late.

Here are some photos of the girls' makeups from the wedding day and as soon as the photographer sends Laura the photos and she gives me permission to post some, I'll add those at the bottom.

I was being a little sneaky and snagged some photos of the photographer and the ladies on the couch. I know all vendors love seeing some "behind the scene" photos, especially on wedding days. You know photographers are running around like crazy with their 12 hour work days trying to get every perfect photo.

And I got permission to post a few photos from the wedding! I've said this so much recently but I'm OBSESSED with long sleeved wedding dresses. I wish Laura and Nate all the best in their new marriage.

Venue: Clementine

Photographer: Hannah Elaine

Hair and Makeup: Declan and Mae

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