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Alex + Colton

If you didn't know this about me, here's a fun fact. I didn't always do hair and makeup full time. August 2017 is when I took that leap of faith to pursue the beauty world head-on. Before that, I did weddings on the weekends, but still had a day job working at an office. I worked for an orthopaedic surgeon for close to 7 years when I quit and took on several positions within the office. I started out doing reception, then I moved to accounts receivable, then moved to coding, and my final position was surgery scheduling, legal coordination, and what seemed like being his personal assistant. I loved that job, but when he merged with a bigger company, they got super strict with when I took off work for the random weekday hair and makeup job. I gave it two years after that merge and I couldn't do it any longer. So that's when I made the change. Annnnnnd, that's how I met Alex.

I don't exactly remember when Alex started (I'm thinking maybe 2016?), but she is that doctor's x-ray tech. He had clinic days split between two cities so I only saw her a couple of days a week. We didn't get extremely close, but close enough for her to ask me to do hair and makeup for her wedding. I was thrilled to be a part of it!

I brought in an assistant on the wedding day and we knocked out 10 services in total together. The one unfortunate thing about the wedding day was that it was raining allllll day long. We got everyone ready, they got dressed and headed to take pictures before the ceremony. And just when they thought the rain would let up, they'd head out into the field for their posing. Then it would start raining. They'd head inside for shelter and it would stop. It was quit annoying from what I hear. Lol.

Aside from that, I may or may not have stolen some sneak peek photos from Alex's photographer, Autumn. I posted them below. Yay!

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (Ashley Green assisted)

Venue: Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Photographer: Autumn Bay Mobley

Lipstick on Alex is ColourPop Lumière, on most bridesmaids is Morphe Fling and one is Morphe Tempt.

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