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Leslie + Kyle

**DISCLAIMER // This wedding was NOT booked through Declan and Mae but through Angela Wood. She's another local makeup artist and the bride booked her services. I was simply Angela's assistant that day. And even then, I was only assisting for two makeups until she arrived a smidge later, and then I had to jet.**

It's always great being friends with other Nashville artists and Angela is no exception. We met at a friend's house last year and made one of those instant connections. Sometimes it's pretty hard making female friends after your 30s, but it seemed pretty easy to me!

Anywho, I'm writing about the wedding she asked me to help with back in September, not about friendships. Lol.

I had already been asked to help with a wedding on this day in early September with a different lead artist, but I didn't have to be there until like 10 or 11, so when Angela asked me to do 2 makeups since she had to arrive a little later than expected, I was more than happy to help! I think this was our first wedding to work together and she was just as fun in a professional setting as she is hanging out as friends.

I didn't think I'd be seeing any wedding photos to be able to post about it -- and I forgot to take any makeup photos of the two girls I did apply makeup on -- but found out today that She He We were the photographers, so I was able to stalk around a little and found the gallery online. Below is more vendor info as well.

Venue: The Bell Tower

Makeup: Angela Wood

Hair: Hailey Grae

Photographer: She He We Photography

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