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Diskin Cider Events

Ashley Bourque (previously Silver and hence her business name below) reached out to me to do hair and makeup for an upcoming photo shoot at Diskin Cider in Nashville. If you haven't been to Diskin Cider before, you probably don't know -- but maybe caught on from the name -- that it's not an event venue. They make cider in house, so one side is the lounging and restaurant area and the other has the massive vats (or whatever they're called) where they make their drinks.

When I found out this photo shoot had a boho feel to it, I jumped in so fast. And the moment I saw the dress for the "bride", I about peed myself in happiness. Now if only there was a real bride who would wear this on her big day. If I had my own re-do, I'd 100% wear this.

List of friend-ors:

Photographers: Erin Trimble and Avistoria

Planners: Silver Celebrations

Venue: Diskin Cider

Models: Natalie and Kyle (real couple!)

Hair and Makeup: Declan + Mae (me!)

Florals: Cottonwood Floral

Decor: Please Be Seated

Cake: Dulce Desserts

Triangle arch: DIY

Signage: White Ink Calligraphy

Dress and Tux: Dress Theory and Generation Tux

Here's some Behind-the-Scenes photos I took with my cell phone on shoot day. I can't wait to post the pro images from the photographers and I'll post them as soon as they're ready!

Also, if you're reading this, someone needs to convince someone to have their wedding here and wear this exact dress with this exact vibe. Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee??? ;-)

And I got word as of early October that the photos are ready to view! Whoop whoop! The group is trying to get it publishes, so I can't quite share it, but I can go ahead and post this blog about it.

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