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My own headshots

I always feel super awkward when I'm in front of the camera with the one exception where I can be in "selfie" mode and I can look at myself to be sure my faces aren't cray cray. But seeing as I have my own business, I should probably have my face on at least one page so you guys know who I am and what I look like.

My first headshots were just a cell phone picture that I had taken of me inside the Industrial building in The Gulch. It was supposed to be taken by a photographer, but they were like an hour late and I had scheduled a trial after my meeting and I couldn't wait any longer. So..... there's that. Ha.

And I had them taken by Courtney with The Adore Girls because I was going to be listed on their website as part of the beauty team. It was a super quick like 2 minute thing and this was the one chosen by them. I actually really like this one!

But then I cut my hair and dyed it -- not that I will get a new headshot every time I dye my hair a new color -- and got photographed again on top of a parking garage downtown by Kerrie Beth Hatmaker most recently. I loved that we chose an outside spot instead of the studio.

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