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  • Meghan Lee

Real or edited?

As working professional makeup artists, you often see pictures edited to the heavens and don't you wonder why? On my own Instagram feed, I see "beauty influencers" edit so there's literally no texture on the skin, eyes are brighter than the light in the room, and colors are adjusted to make you think everything is perfect. Honestly, I can't stand it.

Let me start by discussing how "beauty influencers" affect us. To me, they are not professional makeup artists. It's one thing to master your own face, but if all you can do is recreate a certain look to another face and not know how to tweak it to that client's face shape or undertones, it's not good. But these influencers trick our eyes into thinking we can achieve that level of perfection too. That's the point. They want you to think it's easy to accomplish if you buy these products. You've got to have the technique to achieve it.

Let me also say that I do edit my photos, but it's all slight adjustments. I'll smooth someone's face that has extreme texture or brighten the face if my lighting didn't capture my makeup look, but that's pretty much the extent of it. You do want to edit because clients are going to see your portfolio and want to book with you because they want to feel and look just as beautiful too. There's this happy medium you gotta find.

Here are two pictures from this year's Met Gala of Blake Lively and Selena Gomez. The left side is over-edited and the right is the originally (or a selfie in Selena's case). What do you think about them?

My other point to this is that I feel like celebrity pictures like these with edits are setting the bar WAY high for working artists and it often discourages us when we don't get to that level. I've even seen artists stop their careers because they claim expectations are too high "so why even bother?" Listen, I get it, I really do. But we can't compare ourselves to all the greats out there. We have to measure at our own pace, and if we've seen growth in ourselves, then isn't that enough? Or if your clients are happy, isn't that the rave you need to continue in your career? I think so!!

Just some food for thought. You are enough!

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