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Nicole's getting married!

Nicole contacted me through my website to see about finding a hair and makeup artist. She was new to Nashville, moving from upstate in New York, she didn't have any idea who to reach out to for these services. Luckily wedding season starts to wind down by this time of the year and I was thrilled to be there for her on this Halloween weekend.

We trialed a hairstyle where there were lots of pull-throughs and pinning and it was up off her neck. A couple of weeks before the wedding, she told me she decided to cut her hair and we'd be keeping it down with a birdcage over part of her face. When I saw the hair piece, my jaw literally dropped by how beautiful it was. Don't get me wrong, I loved the hairstyle we did trial, but I loved the style we did on her wedding day.

Here are the cell pictures and as soon as I hear back from her photographer, I'll post those at the bottom!

And here are the photographers pictures.

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