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Do you need a license to be freelance hair and makeup artist?

With the abundance of makeup artists in the world lately and with the over-popular hair salons on every corner, it makes you wonder if every single person is licensed. Is that just me wondering? Yes? Okay, well, the State Board has to be loaded with the amount of money they make every time someone goes through schooling and takes the Board exam to become licensed in Cosmetology or even Aesthetics. So I wanted to write this post to hopefully put some of the rumors to rest.

What I hate about trying to read through the mumbo-jumbo of State Board codes is that they word it in a way to confuse us all and we all end up thinking that we HAVE to get licensed. But that's not the case! The Board only governs what happens if -- AND ONLY IF -- you work inside a salon and/or spa. They have no jurisdiction over your freelance game.

Here is a great article to keep bookmarked on your computer:

What I also get told over and over and over again by salon-residing hairstylists is that I can't do hair EVER as a freelancer. And that's WRONG too! The State Board governs what happens inside a salon/spa but also governs if you cut/color/chemically process hair inside or outside a salon as well.

I don't have any interest in doing any of that to your hair. But as a freelancer who does more weddings than anything else, I do have experience and training with dry styling your hair. That includes curling your hair, spraying with hairsprays, volume plumpers, glosses and/or waxes to twist and bend your hair into the desired look.

Of course, there are many other steps to ensure a successful freelance career such as obtaining a business license, registering with the Dept of Revenue in your state and get a tax ID number, as well as business insurance. This can all be monitored by your State so it's something to keep up to date. Otherwise, you could possibly be fined if they get wind of you.

If you have any questions about anything in this post, please reach out to me and I'd love to chat! Or if you're looking to get into a freelance career, I can talk about that too!

Later, babe!

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