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Janae + Justin

**DISCLAIMER // This is not my wedding. I only assisted.**

Anytime one of my artist friends needs a helper for their wedding and I'm available, I jump in to help. Why not, right? I got asked by Amy Lynn Larwig to help her for this end of September wedding at the Sheraton Hotel downtown Nashville. I had forgotten that the hotel had been under construction for a while and it was completely re-done inside. It's a STUNNING image inside the hotel with what seems like millions of hanging light orbs by thin wires all the way up from the 30-something floor.

Amy worked another wedding this day, so she sent her right hand woman, Anais, and she was the key this day. I came in to assist. We did all the makeup for the ladies, both moms and one of the grandmothers, and they had two other artist doing the hair. And I apologize because I do not have their info to be able to tag them.

It's always a little tricky working a wedding where you assist because at times they ask you to use their product and all you do is come prepared with yourself and your brushes. So that can slow things down during your application process, but any good artist should be able to think on their toes. Anais and I definitely pulled through it all and I'm very proud of these photos!!

As I mentioned, we got the ladies ready at the Sheraton Hotel and the wedding was at Cedarwood. And the photographer was Ariel Renee Photography. She was super sweet! I promise I'll try to find the other artists info and tag them.

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