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Miss E

I have been so bad lately with taking "before and after" pictures at the time of hair and/or makeup application. I don't know what my problem is, but I promise to be better! It's always fun to see a transformation for something like this because the makeup is way past your everyday look. There's always an option to keep it natural, but I always like to throw in a little sass. And this client requested sass on her mouth, so we added a dark and bold color!

Miss E came in for a boudoir session with Kristen Fonville at her studio in Ashland City (which I HIGHLY recommend if you're on the fence about doing something like this) and I did her hair and makeup. As soon as she releases the image and I've got the go-ahead to post some, I'll do so below.

**EDIT** As of 4.27.18, I FINALLY have some images back and I can't wait for you to see them! A photo shoot like this brings back so much confidence in women and I love seeing that happen. It was always there, just gotta believe in yourself!!

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