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Miss K

Another fun week with Kristen Fonville Photography and three boudoir sessions! One of the ladies did not want her images made public so I will only get to post two of them this week, but that's okay and totally understandable if you want to keep those private!

Miss K came to her session in tow with her bags of makeup. You heard right... BAGS. Kristen warned me after I was already on the way that Miss K had extremely sensitive skin and felt more comfortable using her own makeup or at least the products/brands that she knew for a fact would not break her out in hives.

Lucky for me, Miss K was an educator with Sephora and had so many products that made me giddy to play with on her face. I was able to use my brushes so at least that grab was second nature to me. A lot of her products were cream based, which I don't play with all that often, but they look beautiful in photos. Like her skin looks so dreamy and supple and I might just start using more creams on myself!

Have my blog posts convinced any women out there to sign up for a boudoir photography session??

And to read an interview with Miss K, click HERE.

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