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Keely + Tyler

This was another wedding arranged through Eye Do. If you didn't already know, Eye Do is like a talent agency where they do all the communication with the bride and schedule the trial and hair and makeup time slots for the wedding day. As an artist, we literally just review our schedule for the day and show up and do our thing. No crazy warning label needed at the beginning of the post to tell you that I'm assisting or whatever it might be.

Three of us artists with Eye Do were scheduled for hair and makeup for this early July wedding. The getting ready venue was a hotel in Franklin and luckily there was tons of space to actually get ready without bumping elbows. Haha. After I'm set up, I notice smudge marks on the windows in the shapes of, wait for it, boobs. Either the girls we're about to meet are going to be hungover or just really fun to hang out with. We got the latter.

Char Braden was the lead that day and Nichole and I did hair and makeup for the bridesmaids. Below are some of my favorites from my cell as well as from the photographer, Nashville Wedding Collection! Enjoy!! Also, while I was not a part of Keely's engagement photo shoot, I posted a couple from there too just because they're too beautiful not to post! And you'll see what I mean once you scroll down, but isn't that the perfect picture for a Christmas card??!

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