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If you can't already tell from my blog or portfolio pictures, I LOVE doing hair and makeup for weddings. I remember being so scared to jump into this world when I first starting providing these services, but in hindsight, I really don't know why. Weddings are such a joyous day and I get to celebrate with the bridal party before the ceremonies.

When I first came onto the scene with my services I solely did it for photo shoots. I had many photographer friends in Nashville and loved being a part of their craft. But now that I have fully committed to the wedding atmosphere, I seriously miss all the other things that photography can bring.

So one of my photographer friends, Michelle Fisher (now married and her new name is Bulla), had a boudoir photo shoot set up with a friend of hers. She previously shot her wedding FIVE years ago. Whaaaaaat?! And the client wanted to give a 5 year wedding anniversary present to her husband in the form of these sexy pictures. I couldn't think of a better present to give.

The client wanted to keep her images private, so I won't have any to post, but here is a moody photograph for reference.

Are there any types of photography that you want to work with more as a hair and makeup artist?

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