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Kim + Josh

I first met Kim back in June when she had her engagement pictures done. I met her photographer back in February and told her to keep me in mind if any of her brides ever needed a hair and makeup artist. And sure enough, Kim needed someone. So we met, we talked and just... clicked in June. She's such a sweet person and I was so happy when she was pleased enough with the engagement pictures hair and makeup that she for sure wanted me to do hair and makeup for her wedding this past weekend.

Here is a picture from her engagement session with Carrie from Swak Photography. I just LOVE Josh's smile. He looks truly happy, right?

Here are some cell phone shots that I took to showcase the hair and makeup and some shots stolen from the bridesmaids' phones and once we hear back from Carrie with Swak Photography, I'll post those below.

.......And we finally got some pictures back from Carrie from the wedding day. Aren't they stunning??!!

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