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Shae + Heath

This wedding was a little bit of a special circumstance, but I was more than happy to step in at the last minute. Shae was an out-of-town bride that hired Eye Do Hair and Makeup Talent Agency to do hair and makeup for her wedding. And if you've been reading my posts before then you know that's like my bridal mother ship.

Shae trialed hair and makeup with another artist but did not like the outcome of it, so we trialed the day before her wedding in hopes that it would work out with me. Luckily, it did! To be honest, I was a little nervous about it all, but it worked out in the end. And I can totally understand the nerves that she must have been feeling.

And once I get wedding pictures back from her, I'll post below.

*EDIT* Shae emailed me 9.17.17 with wedding photos so I'll post below. Photos by Rachel Moore Photography. Enjoy!

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