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Natalie + Drew

When I'm telling ya that I love being a listed hair and makeup artist with Butterfly Hollow Bed & Breakfast in Brush Creek, TN, I ain't lying. It's such a good feeling to know there's a list of beauty artists and the brides pick my business to work with them on their special days.

Natalie was such a pleasure to get to know before her wedding day. She emailed me and we were originally going to set up a trial long before the wedding day but she fell under the weather, she ended up moving at some point as well, so we scheduled the trial a week before hand. And then the wedding came and gone in the flash of an eye. I was super excited to see what kind of hair and makeup she would be going with considering her dress had this ombre peach/red look to the bottom of her skirt.

I didn't remember to take any pictures on my phone from her trial day, BUT I do already have some pictures back from the photographer. That was quick, right?!

If you'd like to see more of the photographer's work, view it here! Otherwise, enjoy the below photos of Natalie and Drew's wedding.

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