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Milk Bath

Youuuuuu guyyyyyyssssss. I'm so PUMPED to show you some photos from my recent photo shoot at Nossi College of Art in Nashville. As you may or may not know, I decided to turn in my notice with my office job and this week was my first week solo. Someone posted in on of the Nashville photographer groups on facebook that they needed a makeup artist for a TFP shoot for the next day.

TFP = Trade For Photos

I've been heavy in the wedding scene for the last couple of years that I have not had a chance to get back in to photo shoots and I wanted to build back up my portfolio. So when I saw Samantha Gordon post online with a model ready, I jumped at that opportunity. She sent over two pictures (below) and has more coming, they're just not edited yet. Just WAIT. They're so badass. And I've been dying to get a milk bath photo shoot in my portfolio one way or another. Eeeee!!

#makeupartist #photoshoot #milkbath #nossicollegeofart #photography #highfashion

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