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Cayla + Nate

Cayla was an old co-worker of mine and she asked me to do her wedding day makeup. We did a trial run, she brought her own lipstick, she was pretty much the easiest bride I've ever worked with. Seriously though, I was already planning on attending her wedding, so why not take her up on doing her makeup?

The unfortunate thing about the venue she chose was that it was early June in middle Tennessee. Can you say hotter than Satan's bathtub water??!! Cayla and Nate got married at Cactus Creek Barn in Dickson, TN. It was such a beautiful venue, BUT they need A/C. Haha.

I'm not sure the name of the photographer but here are some pictures I stole from Cayla's fb page. Enjoy!

#makeupartist #destinationwedding #onlocation #ondemand #bride

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