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Mandy + Dillon

I don't know if you many of you know, but I still work a 9-to-5 and do my hair and makeup gig on the weekends or whenever I'm needed. I've been working in the office of an orthopaedic surgeon for 7+ years and somewhere about 2 years ago, I worked at another office just for 6 months. Long story short, I met a nurse there and she referred me to do makeup for Mandy's wedding. Mandy knows a hair and makeup artist in the Nashville area that she went to school with but she charges triple what I'd charge for wedding makeup. So needless to say, Mandy was more than happy to work with me. Lol.

Mandy and I met one of the Saturday's it snowed pretty heavy in Nashville towards the end of Spring and trialed her makeup. Her MIL is an amazing hair stylist so I wasn't needed for those services. See what I mean in this picture?

So, I was just hired to do Mandy's makeup as well as her mom's and mother in law's makeup on her wedding day. Her MIL did Mandy's hair as well as brought in a stylist from her salon to do the other girls' hairstyles. And one other artist came in to do makeup.

It was such a blast getting to know Mandy and her family and loved making her feel beautiful on her special day! Below are more pictures and I hope you enjoy!

#makeupartist #airbrush #tuckersgap

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