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Michelle + Matthew

I worked this bridal photo shoot for dress designer, Olia Zavozina, last year and the photographer, Chelsea, totally rocked it out. Speaking of that, I don't have those photos posted and need to find them! ANYWAY, she texted me last weekend wanting to know if I could do some last minute hair and makeup for a photographer friend of hers on Sunday, so I said yes!

Little did I know that the couple for the shoot were drop dead gorgeous. You think I'm kidding?! See for yourself.

Photography by Swak Photography (and two other photographers; I'll put their info here once I have it). Here's more from their shoot. Couple is Michelle + Matthew Dowdy. House is The Fox House in East Nashville. Can't wait to do more shoots like these!!

#makeupartist #hairandmakeupartist #photoshoot #couplesshoot

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