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Sarah + Joshua

A fellow Nashville artist, Abby, posted in one of the Nashville HMU pages on Facebook that she needed help with a wedding in Murfreesboro. I jumped in on that and was excited to be a part of this past weekend's wedding. Abby was lead, of course, and she had myself and Stevie help out with hair and makeup. Stevie and I both did 3 hair and 3 makeup applications and I'm not sure how many Abby did, but as you can see, that's A LOT of ladies needing some glam.

The wedding was at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro and it was so gorgeous! I was able to snag some of the before and after pictures of the bridesmaids. I didn't get to snap all of them but I'm hoping I can go back and add the pictures from the photographer later.

I didn't get a picture of the blonde's hair above, nor the bride's sister. Her sister was 11 and had a head FULL of hair. It was long and thick and she wanted it half up, so I had like an hour of curling to do.

*EDIT** I've now added pictures from the photographer, SheHeWe Photography. I've worked with them in the past in previous weddings and I love their work!

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