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Crystal + Dusty

So this wedding was a little new for me. It was a wedding through Eye Do but I had never met the bride before. You usually want to trial with someone before trusting them with your face and head on your wedding day, but she seemed cool with everything. A very cool-headed bride and was fun to get to know the couple of hours we were getting ready.

Crystal wanted a soft "50's style" curl to her hair and a soft "Kim Kardashian" makeup look. I also did makeup for her daughter, Carmen, and she wanted to same KK look but I wasn't about to do that to a 10 year old. I did "doll" her up but not to that extent.

Here are the photographer's pictures from the wedding day. It was at The Avenue on 3rd Ave downtown--such a stunning venue. Unfortunately it POURED as I was leaving the venue that day, but the color theme this day was beautiful.

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