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Aubrey + Nick

Hair and makeup for Aubrey's upcoming wedding was set up through Rachel Cothron Hair and Makeup. Our trial date about a month or so ago didn't get off to a great start because I was only supposed to do her makeup. We met at the hair salon of the hairstylist and she didn't show up. She didn't answer phone calls, texts or anything. Luckily, one of the other stylists at the shop let us in and we trialed away. Since Aubrey wasn't happy with the planned hair stylist, we decided just to see what I could do and she wanted me to do both.

So it was arranged for me to take over both hair and makeup and this is what came of that day. Fun half up with fishtail braids and Lauren Curtis-esque makeup. You like?

**EDIT** Now I've gone back after the ublish of this post and added pictures fom the photograhper. Enjoy!

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