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Wild Turkey Ranch Wedding

Please don't hate me, guyyyss. I STILL don't own a ring light and after working Kim's wedding yesterday, I'm wishing that I did because lighting was so sucky.

This was all arranged through the Rachel Cothron Hair and Makeup team and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. I know I've said it before, but since this year was really the year I went full-force into weddings, I don't have the clientele built up yet to do it on my own. So that's where Rachel's team comes in handy.

Here is our trial picture from about a month taken by the front door of her dad's house.

Once we got a little closer to the wedding day, she changed her mind in the style of makeup she was wanting and decided to go "more natural" so we made things a ton softer. Again, don't hurt me because of the bad lighting.

**EDIT** I've now added the photographers' pictures so you don't have to go through looking at the bad lighting from my cell pictures. Yay!


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