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Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette

Youuu guyyyyyssssss. Please tell me that you all own this eye shadow palette! It is seriously giving me LIFE! I was a little skeptical to buy it because of the bullying ways the owner can be, but his products are pretty damn good.

I only own a couple of his liquid lipsticks but I'm such a sucker for eye shadow palettes. I love that he has a hot pink in there mixed with a pretty teal, and that transition color (Courtney)? Get out of here!!! The texture, colors, payoff is all phenomenal for all the shades. I do wish there was like a bottom of the soul black color, but the dark grey will do.

I've got a video of the swatches, but it's being a little bi**h getting it uploaded so you can do a little digging if you really wanna. Lol. But for now, here's a video from someone on YouTube.

What other eye shadow palettes are you guys 100% committed to? Dish!!

#makeupartist #beautykiller #jeffreestar

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