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Caitlyn graduated, whaaaat?!

I don't think I posted about it before now, but I did hair and makeup for a client's prom back in March. Caitlyn was set up through Rachel Cothron Hair and Makeup and after her grandmother saw her at prom, they contacted me separately to do hair and makeup for herself, her daughter (Caitlyn's mom), and Caitlyn again for her graduation this past weekend. She said it was a Mother's Day present for them all to get pampered. Super sweet, right?!

I wasn't able to get any pictures of prom hair and makeup because I was running late for another client scheduled right after her. Sad panda.

And here's my cell shots of all three from graduation.

I used my normal foundation routine and went a little heavier with grandma since she had scarring and such from her youth. If you haven't played with the RCMA foundation palettes, definitely do that. It's very convenient for freelance artists but maybe not so much for the average consumer.

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