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Bethany + Malcolm

I'm a part of these dreaded wedding vendor groups like Wedding Wire and Perfect Wedding Guide and I hate them. Can you tell? PWG allows you to create these "mailer campaigns" where you can email every single person who's signed up on their website to see if they need your services. The sucky thing is that the majority quickly respond with "Please take me off your list." They don't even let me have the chance to explain. But whatevs.

I got a responce from Bethany--first a little skeptical--and long story short, her hair and makeup artist canceled at the last minute. It was a friend of hers and she planned her family vacation forgetting about the wedding yesterday. Lucky for me, Bethany reviewed my portfolio and hired me that same day we emailed earlier!

I had to bring in an assistance because of the time crunch on the wedding day so I brought in fellow AMUA grad, Katherine, and we each did several applications. I ended up doing hair and makeup for 2 bridesmaids and just makeup on Bethany.

These are my before and after pictures.

And here's some professional pictures from the wedding. Gorgeous, right?!

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