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Adrian + Stephen

I used to work retail at Francesca's in Hendersonville. I met Adrian and her sister, Natalie, there about 6 years ago. We stayed in contact on social media but never really became IRL friends, ya know? I was super happy when Adrian got engaged and she reached out to me about makeup pricing. I was happy to provide it, but I was a little curious why she chose me. In the end, I'm happy we reconnected and caught up with each other and our lives.

We trialed about a month ago and here's that picture.

And after looking at pictures and getting close friends' opinions, she decided to go a little lighter on the eyes and lips. I was more than happy to do that. That is the whole point of the trial run :-)

And here are some wedding pictures from their photographer. Doesn't she make a stunning bride?! I'm so happy for her and Stephen and her son, Aiden. Such a cute family and so meant to be together.

#wedding #makeupartist

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