• Meghan Lee

Wedding at The Omni

I joined Eye Do South as a hair and makeup artist this past November. They are a beauty agency that communicates and schedules everything with the bride. So all I have to do as the artist is show up, do my thing, and collect payment. And then a portion of that goes back to Eye Do for their portion of services.

My wedding this weekend was the first with Eye Do since joining with them. I wasn't scheduled for my first one until a couple of weeks from now, but the lead artist on this particular wedding had something come up last minute with her day job. So I filled in with 4 bridesmaids. And since it as so last minute, they let me keep 100% of the profit. Yay!

I only have 2 before and after pictures for you but I LOVE both of them! One of the other bridesmaids, I only snagged a before picture. And I didn't get one altogether of the last bridesmaid. Don't judge! I'm not used to taking makeup pictures for weddings. I also need to do some stalking to find official wedding pictures from the photographer.

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