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@risadexter inspired eyes

Today's look has been inspired by the ever-creative, Risa Dexter, out of Portland Oregon. Please tell me that you follow her on Instagram! I began following her a couple of years ago when the "Insta-makeup" trend was heavy with contouring, dark brows and nude lips. Risa stood out because she wasn't afraid of color, she wasn't afraid to draw outside the lines, and just didn't give a f*ck what others thought of her and her artistry. I absolutely love that about her.

So I decided to tackle the look myself. Risa is know around IG land for her smudgy mascara liner. Sounds messy, but trust me, it's gorgeous. Here are a few looks of hers that I could stare at for hours.

And here is my version of it. I've never tried this smudge technique and all I did was use the end of my regular mascara wand. It's not very spiky so I'm going to see if I can find another wand to see if I get a different effect.

What do you think? Would you try this smudgy mascara liner like Risa perfected on Instagram? I personally LOVE it. **Please don't judge the camera quality. I'm in the middle of moving so my ring light is packed away**

I'm wearing this makeup look for Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws, so let's see how others react to it IRL.

*EDIT: They loved it! My husband's Nana looked at my eyes real intently and then just walked away. Lolz. But to everyone else, it was a hit! I think I'm going to begin branching out and create my own trend just like Risa.*

#RisaDexter #smudgyliner

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