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@tominamakeup inspiration

Another FAVORITE of mine on Instagram is Olga Tomina (@tominamakeup) and she is a makeup artist from Belarus. I don't know how she pulls off the smoky and intense colors on her models' faces, but I think it's witchcraft. Seriously. Makes me feel like a basic b*tch. I'm so jelly.

You see what I mean?!! All looks she does come off as rich and buttery and intense and I just want to be her model. Just for a day. Can't we make that happen?

I reached for a color that I don't use all that often to recreate the same type of look -- GREEN. If I would have used more browns and golds, I think it would have been the perfect ode to the 1970's. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be doing more looks like this in the future.

Have you tried any fun smoked out, intense colored makeup looks lately? Tag me on IG so I can see them! What other kinds of styles have you been dying to try? Also, now that extreme contouring is slowly fading, what looks are you hoping becomes front runner?

#Tomina #Smoky #NudeLips #Inspiration

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