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25 *NEW* Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks launch in 2017

In early 2017, Kat Von D Beauty will be launching 25 new everlasting liquid lipsticks. A couple of them are already in the studded kiss lipstick version or mini-size but will be new to the full-size liquid lipsticks. More information is below and straight from the Queen's mouth herself.

To make things easy on everyone, below are the descriptions from Kat Von D's website, so you're more than welcome to keep reading or visit her site to read more. I've made stars over my FAVES and will be lurking in the shadows ready to pounce as soon as they're available.

Zero: Pale cement grey. Named after @lipstickittty's kitty cat.

Dagger: Cool dusty grey/periwinkle.

Woolf: Deep stone grey. Inspired by one of her fave poets, Virginia Woolf.

Plan 9: Already in the Studded Kiss version. Deep seafoam green.

Dreamer: Neon aqua.

Blue Blooded: The most luscious royal blue.

Roxy: Existing shade launching in full-size Feb/March.

K-Dub: Named after a woman she looks up to in many ways, Kristin Walcott, launching 4/20/17. Soft neon berry.

Rubens: Neon magenta. Inspired by fave master painter, Peter Paul Rubens. This shade will be limited edition, available in the Spring only on KVD's website.

Miss Argentina: Maximum fuchsia. Inspired by Beetlejuice.

Traviesa: Neon fire engine red. Was a nickname of KVD's as a kid.

Hyper Hyper: "There's not a bright enough emoji to describe this motherf*cker."

La Lupe: Warm almond. Inspired by the famous Cuban singer.

Orale: Electric pumpkin.

Malice: Neon persimmon red. Named after her biggest muse, @officialmalicemcmunn.

Sacred Heart: Muted pumpkin.

Plath: Existing shade launching in full-size Feb.

XO: Limited edition shade that is already available in the "Better Together" collection exclusively at Sephora.

Lovecraft: Already in the Studden Kiss collection available now in liquid lipstick and currently in the Everlasting Obsession Vault.

Haze: Romantic spin on grey/beige/greige. Dedicated to @jessicahazemua.

Nocturna: Deepest grape.

Muneca: Nude Petal.

Ophelia: Nude Chestnut.

Ludwig: Nude Fawn.

Sanctuary: Nude Coffee. Pre-launching 2/2/2017.

Hawkwind: Nude sienna.

Crucifix: Deep Chocolate

** The last 6 shades (Muneca, Ophelia, Ludwig, Sanctuary, Hawkwing, Crucifix) will be sold individually, and in a discounted nude bundle in February, exclusively at Sephora.**

And last but not least, Gold Skool, **drool, drool drool**, and is a rich gold (DUH) and metallic topcoat. It's expected to be launched for the 10th anniversary but no specific date is given yet. YET. Be patient, kids.

Sephora already has 27 everlasting liquid lipsticks in their stock, so for KVD to create an additional 25 more colors? I'm shocked and very pleased!! Her formula is great, not too dry, and doesn't flake either. I have noticed some colors do still wear in the center of my lips with extra greasy foods, but that's to be expected.

So which ones are your favorites? Will you be waiting in the shadows with me ready for launch day?

Another Q for you, are you one to buy all your favorites just because of the brand name or since some are similar to other brands (or at least to ones compared in my kit), are you hesitant to buy them and only get new colors that you don't have at all?

#liquidlipstick #katvond #vegan

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