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The Bell Tower

So this is my first official wedding assigned with Eye Do! **WOAHHH** I was so nervous and excited this weekend that I felt so clumsy during my makeup applications and just in life. Lol. I was assigned for 6 makeups but ended up doing one extra for the bride's mom since I got done a little early. But then in the end, was later than the other artists and was cleaning up while the photographer was shooting bridal party pictures in the suite.

If you haven't ever visited The Bell Tower in Nashville, it's BEAUTIFUL. Not only is the venue pretty awesome, but it's got its own bride AND groom ready-rooms. We had three stations set up for each of the artists so it was great not feeling "on top of" each other.

Here's some of my cell shots (minus the mom and grandmother I didn't picture).

And here's the professional pictures.

And look, an action shot. I love these!!

Lead artist was Nichole Smithson-Holloway and hair artist was Brie Beckman.

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